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Heath Education Tracking and Reporting System (HETRS)

In working with a number of AHECs and understanding their mission to enhance access to quality healthcare by improving the supply and distribution of healthcare professionals through community/academic educational partnerships, we have discovered an underlying problem that AHECs face is managing their data and easily reporting outcomes to both the Federal and State agencies. By working with a number of AHECs, I.T. Savvy Consulting has developed the Health Education Tracking System (HETRS). It is a customized application developed specifically to support the National AHEC Organization’s (NAO) mission.

Data Management – Student identification (Unique ID) can be tracked at the Program Office preventing duplicate student data and provides consistent data across the Statewide AHEC Network. The system can captures the student application in a web form that directly uploads to the application. This can dramatically reduce the number hours your team spends entering basic student information.

Student thru Professional Lifecycle – All programs are directly related to the Student record.  Your staff can view a student record and quickly review all touch points from HCPP, CBSE and CE.  The schools that the student attends are also tracked to provide a full view of the students’ scholastic career. No data is lost when a student transition to a professional. 

Health Education

Tracking System

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