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Non-Profit Services

I.T. Savvy Consulting leverages years of experience, knowledge and resources to provide services for non-profits across the nation. Whether we are customizing applications or providing consulting on donor management, emergency assistance, or any other specific business line we ensure that your non-profit’s focus remain on what you do best –serving your communities. 


At I.T. Savvy Consulting, we take pride in understanding the ever-changing and increasingly complex business conducted across the various non-profit industries. To ensure that each organization it serves gets the most out of its I.T. investment, I.T. Savvy Consulting has established an Engagement Methodology.


These Frameworks define how these capabilities are implemented to serve the needs of a specific mission, allowing I.T. Savvy Consulting to tailor capabilities within Salesforce to the needs of each non-profit it serves.  

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